A Story by Henry Boulton

A witch put a spell on Mummy. She would sleep unless her son told her nice stories. So Henry told the story…

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Henry. Henry went into a magical forest and met a unicorn. All the trees were sparkly colours in the forest.

The unicorn said, “In the pink sparkly tree there is a little door which is the back door of a fairy’s home.”

So Henry knocked on the door and a little fairy came out.

“Are you the little fairy the unicorn was talking about?” said Henry.

“Yes” said the fairy.

“Could you shrink me for a bit so I can visit your house?”

“Yes” said the fairy.

So Henry entered the house after he’d been shrunk.

“Would you like some dinner?” said the fairy.


So Henry ate the food until he was full up.

“I want to play.” said Henry. So Henry, the fairy, and Henry’s other fairy friends played together in the lounge.

The End.

The story was so good that it woke Mummy up and broke the magic spell and took all the witch’s powers away.

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Holiday in Stratford-upon-avon

We are having a 3 night sleepover in Stratford-upon-avon.

DSCF1464  DSCF1466

Sunday 24th July 2016

DSCF1439  DSCF1442

We went on a boat in Stratford-upon-avon. It was very fun on that boat.

DSCF1446  DSCF1457

Monday 25th July 2016

We went to a Tudor farm.DSCF1675


It was very fun playing with that little girl. She was Dutch.

DSCF1477 DSCF1478 DSCF1482

In the farmhouse I tried one of the children’s beds. It was comfy at the head and the feet but not so comfortable at the legs and body. There were little doorways that used to be windows.

DSCF1494  DSCF1642

They had a lot of vegetables that they were going to put into pottage. They had pottage, pottage and pottage. They could not afford the sugar.

DSCF1490  DSCF1507 DSCF1508  DSCF1509

We watched them eat a meal. The Master was the first one to sit down at the table and start eating first. They had spoons and not forks.

DSCF1553  DSCF1557

It was very fun doing the spinning. I did the carding and the rolling and the spinning and it was all very, very, very fun.

DSCF1533  DSCF1535 DSCF1537  DSCF1541

We watched an owl fly.

DSCF1511  DSCF1512

We fed the pigs and we finished up all the food on the goats.

DSCF1503  DSCF1572

I saw the cow being milked.

DSCF1497  DSCF1500

I was herding the geese.

DSCF1666  DSCF1669

I went down a fun willow tunnel.

DSCF1589  DSCF1590 DSCF1591  DSCF1594

I saw butterflies and bees, both in the meadow.

DSCF1598 DSCF1603  DSCF1608

We did a Tudor dance.

DSCF1651  DSCF1657

Tuesday 26th July 2016

We went to the MAD museum of kinetic art.

DSCF1760 DSCF1719 DSCF1728

When we were going up the stairs we saw a big marble run thingy.

DSCF1738  DSCF1749

At the MAD museum we some some trains as well.

DSCF1742  DSCF1758

We saw a big marble run made out of kitchen stuff. You had to put your foot on the pedal, the black bit of the pedal, to start the kitchen marble run.

DSCF1681 DSCF1688 DSCF1698

There was a magnetic and wooden run that you could make your own marble run out of.

DSCF1722  DSCF1726

It was wonderful.

DSCF1765  DSCF1777

We went to Shakespeare’s birthplace.

DSCF1769  DSCF1772

We got to Anne Hathaway’s cottage by a taxi.

DSCF1784  DSCF1790

I made a village from big building blocks and then there was a pretend earthquake.

DSCF1794  DSCF1797

I found some fairies in the garden. Some of them were asleep in the flowers. Some of them were awake. Sometimes some of them landed on my hand.

DSCF1799  DSCF1785

We played chase through the lavender.

DSCF1804  DSCF1840

I made a Tudor tile from clay.

DSCF1812 DSCF1816

We did some brass rubbing of Shakespeare.

DSCF1821 DSCF1826

I beat Mummy at the Tudor game.

DSCF1844 DSCF1856

We went for a walk in the woods.

DSCF1868 DSCF1870

Wednesday 27th July 2016

DSCF1881 DSCF1894

We played mini-golf. The mini-golf was tricky.

DSCF1896 DSCF1897 DSCF1914

I made a mask at a Tudor house.

DSCF1925 DSCF1933

I went on a rowing boat and I helped do some of the rowing in both directions.

DSCF1937 DSCF1938

I went to a butterfly farm and a butterfly landed on Mummy’s head.

DSCF1945 DSCF2068

We saw some ants and other insects at the butterfly farm.

DSCF1960 DSCF1978 DSCF1985 DSCF1992 DSCF1998 DSCF2074

I really did enjoy my holiday.

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Standalone Farm, Letchworth

There was a model railway. I put lots of 20ps in to make the model railway work.

DSCF8221 DSCF8222 DSCF8220 DSCF8223

I really liked the playground, especially the wobbly blue tractor.

DSCF8227 DSCF8225 DSCF8224 DSCF8237 DSCF8231 DSCF8307

I saw guinea pigs and rabbits and chicks. They weren’t in the same bit but they were quite close together.

DSCF8240 DSCF8239DSCF8242 DSCF8241

I fed the lamb. The lamb pulled quite a lot.

DSCF8263 DSCF8261

We saw piglets having milk from their mummy.

DSCF8281 DSCF8285

The metal starts off straight and you heat it and then bend it and bend it and bend it until the metal makes a horse shoe.

DSCF8296 DSCF8298

I saw a cow being milked.

DSCF8274 DSCF8277

I milked a plastic cow.

DSCF8299 DSCF8258 DSCF8253

There were lots of things to play with. I liked playing with all the stuff.

DSCF8250 DSCF8247DSCF8260 DSCF8264

I drove two electric cars. I really liked pressing the pedal down with my foot on the cars. This was my favourite thing.

DSCF8271 DSCF8302

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Lambing at Wimpole

A few weeks ago we went to see lambing at Wimpole Farm. One of the babies had a bit of trouble getting a leg out so it only had one leg popping out. The one in the photo didn’t have any trouble though. It came out really fast. The mummy sheep licked the lamb.

DSCF7634 DSCF7636 DSCF7646 DSCF7647 DSCF7650 DSCF7651

The newborn lambs got some boobie from their mummies because sheep are mammals.

DSCF7672 DSCF7639

The older lambs were out in the fields.

DSCF7685 DSCF7629

We saw piglets at Wimpole Farm. We also saw a blue tractor which I could pretend to drive.

DSCF7656 DSCF7630

I liked pretending to milk a cow but it wasn’t a cow instead it was a bucket. I saw bees in the beehive.

DSCF7633 DSCF7664 DSCF7670

We went to the playground at Wimpole. My favourite was the wobbly floor.

DSCF7678 DSCF7679 DSCF7677 DSCF7683

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North Norfolk Railway and Wells-next-the-sea Beach

We went to Holt Station. I really liked the train planter and I also really liked the model railway in the carriage that didn’t move (they were still building it).

DSCF8083 DSCF8112

I really liked the model railway in the room. There were lots of lights.

DSCF8084 DSCF8085

We went in the big train. It took us out of Holt Station. I saw lots of bogies on the way that weren’t being used. I saw a signal box near the railway.

DSCF8088 DSCF8089 DSCF8099 DSCF8103 DSCF8106 DSCF8107 DSCF8095 DSCF8093

There was a green carriage by the railway that had been turned into a cottage.

DSCF8115 DSCF8116

I would like to go on the North Norfolk railway again one day.

DSCF8121 DSCF8123

Then we went to the beach. Mummy, Daddy and me built a sand castle with a moat.

DSCF8127 DSCF8130

Mummy paddled in the water but I didn’t want to. I saw a seal. It was looking at the people with black wet suits on and I think the seal was wondering if they were seals too.

DSCF8132 DSCF8140

There were three big boats that weren’t streamlined and they made big waves. the first one was a green boat. It made very big waves. The red boat which came after the red boat made big waves too. Daddy was trying to build a castle near the water to get the moat to fill in quickly. Daddy’s deadline was the first red boat coming.

DSCF8142 DSCF8143 DSCF8145 DSCF8147 DSCF8153 DSCF8155  

We went to a playground near the beach and I did a lot of very good balancing. There was a pirate ship. I went down a slide at the playground.

DSCF8166 DSCF8178 DSCF8181 DSCF8172 DSCF8171 DSCF8175 DSCF8174 DSCF8173 DSCF8168 DSCF8160DSCF8184 DSCF8187

I really liked the ice cream I had there.


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Audley End with Home-ed Friends

We met some friends at Audley End in the garden near the car park. I really liked playing tag.

DSCF7967 DSCF7965

I really liked seeing the flowers in the gardens.

DSCF7975 DSCF7985

We played a pretend game in the willow shelter. L- told us a story in the “spaceship”. I found a space rock on Mars.

DSCF7980 DSCF7981

We went to the stables. We rode a pretend horse and tried on a costume.

DSCF7993 DSCF8003

Then we went to the playground.

DSCF8008 DSCF8011 DSCF8024 DSCF8014

Next we went to the fountains. I played with the baby J- near the fountains.

DSCF8031 DSCF8036

Sophie told us a story.

DSCF8040 DSCF8046

Then we went to look in the big house.

DSCF8062 DSCF8065 DSCF8056 DSCF8059 DSCF8072 DSCF8077 DSCF8074 DSCF8076

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Adventures in London

DSCF7737   DSCF7759Yesterday we were at the Tower of London. We saw a Raven.

DSCF7791   DSCF7789

We went on a moving floor and I saw a lot of crowns. (Really it wasn’t very many crowns.) Then we came off the moving floor. Today I made a crown like one of the ones I saw but it didn’t have enough jewels to be that crown really.

DSCF7744   DSCF7740

We learnt that there used to be animals kept there. The tigers had a fight with a lion. By mistake they opened the cage and probably the tigers got out and then they got into the lion’s cage and the lion ran away but it got caught and died.

DSCF7743   DSCF7755

The polar bear caught fish in the Thames by the Tower of London. It jumped into the Thames to catch the fish. Normally it was chained up.

 DSCF7748  DSCF7754

The guards stand very, very still. They wear red and funny hats.

DSCF7749   DSCF7750

There were lots of pretend horses wearing suits of armour. There was one black one that wasn’t wearing one and I said I would chose to ride that one.

DSCF7751  DSCF7753

One pretend dragon looked quite scary. It was a good job it was a pretend dragon. Its eyes were red lights.

DSCF7757   DSCF7738

We went on a boat to the London Eye. We watched a film showing London things. We wore 3D glasses. At the end of the film we put them in a special bin. It made it look like things came out at me. It did blew some bubbles at me.

DSCF7763   DSCF7784

The London Eye was taller than I was expecting. It was really, really tall.

DSCF7780   DSCF7778

I saw lots of trains and buses from the London Eye. I could also see the Houses of Parliament.

DSCF7772  DSCF7773

I enjoyed my day in London. My favourite bit was seeing the Crown Jewels.

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